Alicante 4 Bedroom Duplex For Sale

Alicante 4 Bedroom Duplex For Sale
Duplex For Sale Alicante

Alicante Duplex For Sale | The best Duplex deals change frequently, so don't miss out.

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Featured Property

2 bedroom Villa Quesada Quesada
Only 285,000.00 Euros

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Alicante 2 Bedroom Duplex For Sale | Alicante 3 Bedroom Duplex For Sale

Alicante 4+ Bedroom Duplex For Sale

Alicante Duplex For Sale
A duplex is not a term many people understand so a quick explanation is needed. Basically it means a home on two floors, so it really could be an apartment, semi-detached, quad-detached or even a terraced house. All of these are very popular both in Alicante town and the surrounding areas, so you will see we have a good selection for your perusal. Invariably it means you share some facilities with others, such as a swimming pool, so check with the seller.

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View the snippets and thumbnail photos to find any Alicante duplex that you are interested in, then hit the more info link to view the full description and enlarged pictures. Contact details for the seller are also to be located there so you can deal direct, who invariably are English speaking to enable easy negotiations without the need for a translator. Sensible offers for most of the duplex for sale in Alicante are generally welcomed, so it is always worth trying to save a few pounds!

Featured Property

3 bedroom Villa Residencial Lagunas del Zodiaco Guardamar
Only 322,127.00 Euros

Alicante Duplex Free Advert
Duplex Ref: 13675
Alicante, Spain
5 Bedroom
3 Bathroom, 1 Garage
585,000.00 Euros
Vistahermosa , Alicante Duplex for sale
Luxury property in the best area of ​​Alicante with complete urbanization.
Please see 5 bedroom Duplex Vistahermosa Alicante for sale for more info

This type of property (a duplex) was very popular with the developers of the last decade, during the boom years, consequently you will find them in every are of Alicante, its suburbs, and all the little towns, villages close by.

A typical quad house will compose of 4 duplex (2 storey) houses built in one block, with a home on each corner. You would typically expect to find each has a small front garden (no back garden obviously), with a seperate roof solarium for the owners use. Many also have use of a communal pool and gardens.

Search our database of duplex properties for sale in Alicante, which are being advertised by the owner or by an agent. Buy a duplex, that is a house or apartment, on 2 floors, in Alicante. Many come furnished. A huge inventory of duplex to buy, some are listed at a reduced price, so pick up a cracking bargain for a duplex in Alicante.
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